M2 Programs

“Both of our girls have been dancing at M2 since they were 4 years old. They are now 12 & 7. Going to dance class is never something we have to force because they truly love it! The staff is all amazing and it really feels like one big family. Looking forward to many more years at our studio!”

Jillian D.

Dance Company

M2 Dance Company celebrates artistry, technique, athleticism, and the passion for performance.  Members are selected based on potential, technique, movement, and skill level.  Dancers have a weekly rehearsal schedule as well as a training schedule.  Company members train in many styles intended to develop movement quality and technical execution. 

Summer Programs

Our summer programs are intended to elevate the dancer’s potential over a concentrated period of time.  These programs are customized to the dancer’s level with a heightened approach towards preparing dancers to take steps necessary to expand their knowledge and passion of dance.  

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