Below are just some of the testimonials that M2 Dance Center has received.

Jillian Dietz

Both of our girls have been dancing at M2 since they were 4 years old. They are now 12 & 7. Going to dance class is never something we have to force because they truly love it! The staff is all amazing and it really feels like one big family. Looking forward to many more years at our studio!

JoAnna Byrnes

My daughter has been dancing at M2 since she was 3 years old. It astounds me how far she has come. Her instructors are nothing short of amazing and caring as they guide her through her dancing journey

Laurie Danielson

Miss Barb has been a source of wisdom and motivation in my daughter’s acro class. She has worked with my daughter for years to help her achieve her acro goals and help her refine her technique.

Kristin McCoy

Both of my daughters have danced at M2 for years now and I can’t express enough how wonderful our experience has been. The professionalism of all the teachers and staff is truly remarkable. Every single staff member treats their students as if they were their own, which we greatly appreciate. We especially love that our girls can participate in both their school teams and the dance company team without having to choose one over the other. From the moment we first walked in, we felt like part of the family and quickly found our home away from home.

Amanda Ruiz

My daughter has been dancing for M2 since she was 2 and she loves and is thriving in all her classes. Hip hop with Julia is by far her favorite. The confidence and empowerment Julia teaches really shows for Brielle.

Pete Xidias

It’s comforting knowing that my daughters get to build on what they love with such warm and caring coaches. Not only are they taught dance, but they are also becoming stronger individuals by learning to be accountable, driven, respectful, prepared, and humble. What a great studio!

Julie Edvardsen

We have been part of the M2 family for 15 years as clients as well as active members of IDF for 7 years. Many years later, we have wonderful memories, photos and lots of black jackets! More importantly, beyond the competitions, trophies and show-stopping recitals is a “dance family” that will forever be in our hearts. Our oldest daughter is now in medical school, but literally spent most of her youth in the dance rooms of M2. While receiving exceptional dance training from amazing mentors, she formed friendships that have lasted beyond the walls of the studio. The professional instructors always challenged her to push herself and to be her very best. She became a skilled technician and a poised young woman with confidence and discipline to achieve any goal… captain of the Notre Dame Pom Squad! In her own words, “the M2 leadership provided her with the opportunities and skills to pursue her passions.” Our youngest daughter in now in her 8th year of training at M2 and loving every minute! We have come to expect the best from M2 and we are never disappointed. In all that is dance………there is no equal!

Melissa Charon

"Since attending M2 Dance Center, our daughter has had several dance teachers who have made a huge impact in her life. Nadia is one of them. Nadia is a beautiful soul with a huge heart. She is patient and kind and her love of dance is reflected in the way she teaches. She is gifted at connecting with girls of all ages and skillfully engages them in her dance classes at M2, encouraging them to be their best self. She challenges her students to excel and inspires creativity. I’m always impressed with the result when my daughter has private lessons with her at the studio. I don’t think my daughter would be the dancer she is today without the love, wisdom, and caring instruction she has received from Nadia. We are grateful to have her in our lives. Dancing at M2 Dance Center has drastically improved our daughter’s skill level, confidence, and love of dance. We are thankful to be part of the M2 dance family!"

Jennifer Grahovac

Walking into M2 Dance Studio almost 10 years ago, I would never have known how much the professionalism, motivation, and enthusiasm the staff skillfully imparts would develop my daughter into such a confident and poised dancer. She has learned so much in the years spent at M2 and has formed a love for dance that I never knew an 11 year old could. The instruction at M2 emphasizes strong fundamentals combined with proper technique and passion. Besides being gifted instructors, they are also amazing role models and mentors.

Jeanne and Rich Nowacki

We have been an M2 Family for 10 years! We’ve enjoyed watching our daughters grow from cute little girls in tutus to excellent dancers who are being taught by the highest quality professional instructors and choreographers. My girls’ passion for dance continues due to the positive atmosphere and encouragement they receive at the studio. M2 proudly turns out award winning teams and dancers – why go anywhere else?

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